1// BE-ing Aligned AF

On the first episode we talk about:

- What does it feel like for you to be in alignment?
- What does it feel like for you not to be in alignment?
- How this flows into ALL areas of our life
- How the words we're using shape our days, and more empowering words you can use
- The GAP
- Where are you with being in alignment in the important areas of your life? And where do you WANT to be?
- Our whole day is a story- we choose the stories
- Why empowering the next generation with tools to be conscious and awake is OUR responsibility as parents
- Changing from the inside out- TOGETHER.

BONUS: Use THIS tool in the episode as an anchor to getting back into alignment.


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For any questions or suggestions for future podcast episodes, email [email protected].

See you next week! 🦋


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