2 // The Quadrant for an Aligned Life

On this episode we talk about:

- Chunking your life in to four quadrants: how you want to live, love, parent and BE, and identifying what alignment looks like for them.
- The difference between *Living* and BE-ing*
- Seeing what might need attention and knowing what I want each of these areas of life to feel like.
- Identifying the gap.
LIVE. - the external. How you’re looking after yourself, whether it’s self care, health, goals in work/business etc.
LOVE - your relationships. How you’re nurturing them, investing in connection and intimacy. How you’re showing up, and showing up 100%. We also talk about boundaries in relationships, and how they’re about you and your response when a boundary is crossed, not the other person.
PARENT - the vision you have for the relationship and dynamic with your children. This generation of children are going to change the world and being committed to raising conscious, kind children is one of the most powerful thing you can do. We talk about how your presence is the best gift you can give your children. 
BE - the internal. Who are you BE-ing. What you’re feeling, thinking, why, what your values and beliefs are. Practicing going quiet and listening to your Inner/Higher Self. This can be really hard, because we’ve been taught to disconnect from feelings (the heart) and only listen to your thinking (the head).

You can’t think yourself out of feeling so dropping out of the head and into the heart is where the answers always are.
Keep listening for some actionable steps on how you can drop from your head into your heart, right now today.

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