3 // How to Choose and Live Aligned With Your Values

On this episode, Jessica shares all about:

In this episode we talk about:

- The definition of Values.
- My very simple definition of Values, “what you consider important”.
- How the way you’re living right now may not be reflecting what you consider to be a high value.
- Identifying when you’re out of alignment
- Why you can change your values so you are living in alignment with them is - Simple ways to make changes in your life to live more aligned with your Values.
- How your vision is a guide post for defining your values Influences (programming) we receive as children helps to shape our values until we consciously choose our own.

Jessica also guides you through a simple exercise to identify your values, so that you can decide whether they are in alignment with the way you want to be living, loving, parenting and BE-ing:

1. Clear your thinking and set the intention that your subconscious mind will sort though all your life experiences and draw out what your highest values are.
2.What’s most important in your life?
3.What notable event or circumstance left you feeling “good”?
4.What notable event or circumstance left you feeling “bad”?
5.When do you feel most “in flow”?
6.What could you do for hours without noticing the time?
7.Assuming that your basic needs are met, what makes you feel fulfilled and purposeful?

BONUS TIP: If you’re struggling to allow the answers to come through, command you subconscious mind to bring you the answer.

Listen to the end of the podcast for extra questions on aligning yourself with your top values you've just identified.

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