5 // The Stories We Tell Ourselves

On this episode, Jessica shares all about:

On this episode, Jessica shares all about:

- How the stories we're telling ourselves shape our life, and we have the power to change our stories.
- The planner she recommends, and how she plans out her year - 90x Goal Planner. Head to www.90xgoalplanner.com or @90xgoalplanner on Instagram for more.
- How our whole life is a story
- How our triggers and boundaries, judgements etc are also stories
- Our stories dictate our life and our beliefs
- The stories Jessica told herself as a mum with babies and toddlers
- Stories are interpretations, and how to choose a more empowering story when parenting
- How and why our stories are habitual and unconscious
- Changing stories and believing different
- BONUS: Simply Sorting - an exercise for separating the facts and the stories.
- Why changing your stories MATTERS.

Jessica also shares about Aligned and Empowered, the first opportunity to work closely in a group format for 6 weeks, learning how to step into Empowerment and change your stories and choose your thinking, as well as Aligning your beliefs and values with the way you want to live, love, parent and BE.

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