6 // Sacred Morning Ritual

On this episode, Jessica shares all about:


In this episode, Jessica talk about:
- The importance of language, the labels we put on things and how the way certain words make us feel
- Internally referenced vs. externally referenced
- What we might feel gets in the way of implementing a morning ritual, and the stories we’re telling ourselves about why/why we can’t get it done
- Giving my energy to myself FIRST
- Hal Elrod The Miracle Morning, Life SAVERS
- Meditation or Self Hypnosis - Darren Marks iPhone app
- Future Self Journalling for manifesting
- Why I do these two things first up in the morning
- Reading out my Manifesto
- Two of the most powerful ways to integrate your manifesto
- Writing manifesto using the Aligned Quadrant from ep.2
- Powerful wording in Manifesto
- Reading/Listening, taking in nourishing content
- Brain food first thing in the morning
- Commitment - we’re always committed to something
“What am I committed to?”

Get your manifesto cheatsheet here: www.heyjessicagray.com/manifesto

Jessica also shares about Aligned and Empowered, the first opportunity to work closely in a group format for 6 weeks, learning how to step into Empowerment and change your stories and choose your thinking, as well as Aligning your beliefs and values with the way you want to live, love, parent and BE.

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