7 // Who Do You Think You Are?

On this episode, Jessica shares all about:

In this episode, Jessica talk about:

- How identity drives what you create in your external environemt
- Looking at stories and behaviours and beliefs that you’ve picked up in your own childhood - asking if you want to model them to your own children?
- How we're all always evolving through our awakening, different stages of our journey
- How we live in a Universe of polarity - As within, so without.
- "Who you are on the inside in your identity will always be reflected in your environment"
- The Aussie Battler / Tall Poppy Syndrome
- How what we heard as children we take on as truth, and how important this is as mamas - what you have programmed on auto pilot, you are likely programming your children with.
Start with BE-ing over DO-ing when reprogramming yourself

Recommended tools:
Insight Timer app
Journalling - future self or free ball it

Final notes:
Your brain thinks its doing the right thing by following you usual trodden path - becoming self aware and conscious is the first step.
Your subconscious mind is your faithful servant - use it accordingly!

Jessica also shares about Aligned and Empowered, the first opportunity to work closely in a group format for 6 weeks, learning how to step into Empowerment and change your stories and choose your thinking, as well as Aligning your beliefs and values with the way you want to live, love, parent and BE.

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