8 // Three Ways to Manage Your Energy

On this episode, Jessica shares all about:

Managing our energy is vital, because we live in a quantum universe where we are all made of the same stuff: you, me, the animals, trees, the sky and ocean, the table I’m recording this on, the car you’re driving… and also our thoughts and our feelings.

1>> Setting an Intention: Before you begin your day or a task, or head out somewhere, set an intention for the outcome. You are focusing on putting your energy on the outcome FIRST. The Universe doesn’t speak in negatives, so avoid “not be late” as the Universe only hears “be late”. 

2 >> Cord Cutting: Ensure you're in a quiet place and close your eyes, deep belly breaths to ground self. When you’re ready, envision a cord connecting you to the other person and karate chop down my body.

3 >> Releasing and Calling Back Energy: At the end of the day is much the same, deep breaths to slow yourself down ground you, and centre you. Envision a cup that is full of the energy that’s attached to you during the day that’s not yours, and send it back out until it’s empty. Then imagine it exploding (this is the completion). See another cup empty where you call your energy home to the cups fullness.

Jessica also shares about Aligned and Empowered, the first opportunity to work closely in a group format for 6 weeks, learning how to step into Empowerment and change your stories and choose your thinking, as well as Aligning your beliefs and values with the way you want to live, love, parent and BE.

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